Technology Transfer Office

The Technology-Transfer Office provides support to companies in developing new marketable products and services.

Analysis and evaluation of our research and development findings makes this support possible.


provides information
... on new research findings.

give advice
... on possible cooperative ventures between the University and companies.

... the implementation of R&D projects in university-commerce partnerships.

science and commerce information-exchange events. This form of cooperation is intended to facilitate “Progress through Innovation”. In the long-term, singular incentives such as optimization of, or new developments in processes, products, services and general organization have a positive effect on competitiveness and market success.

Transfer Office: Operational fields

  • Mediation for technology-transfer contacts
  • Trade fairs
  • Information work
  • Research marketing
  • Events
  • Research promotion
  • Patents and registered designs

Business start-ups

Successfully developing innovation from ideas forged from research theory is a special art form.

Cooperation between universities and businesses and between theory and practice is prerequisite to success.

The University aims to intensively promote joint development work and improve innovation within the region.

The starting up of new companies is an essential component and therefore is supported by the University in conjunction with the region.