Welcome to Westfälische Hochschule - Westphalian University of Applied Sciences!

We are a young and modern university situated right in heart of Germanys former industrial center around the river Ruhr, where more than 8000 students from over 50 different countries in the world are taught by over 200 highly qualified professors.


1. Key competences in the fields of enginerring, technology, natural science and business 

Our three modern campuses in Gelsenkirchen, Bocholt and Recklinghausen feature excellent study programs with its traditional key competences in the fields of engineering and technology as well as natural science and business studies.

2. Focus on applied learning and collaboration with partners

With a strong focus on applied learning and close cooperation with regional and international partners in industry and economy, we foster the support of international careers.
Internships and practical trainings embedded in the curriculum provide the chance to establish job-related network and ensures a smooth transition to the job market after graduation.

3. Outstanding research and development technologies 

High teaching quality as well as outstanding research and development technologies are central reasons for attracting more than 2000 beginners annually. 


Key facts 

  • About 9,000 students, among them around 8,5% with foreign nationalities
  • 3 campuses
  • Students from about 60 different countries in the world
  • Co-operations with more than 60 partner universities worldwide
  • Over 200 professors
  • About 180 further researchers


International dimensions

With more than 60 partner universities all over the world we are part of an international community that enables us to provide a truly intercultural environment for both learning and research.

International partnerships with universities and exchange students enable students and staff to induldge in intercultural teams and spent substantial time abroad through exchange studies, internships as well as for research stays or language training.  

This also stimulates creativity and innovation at the university and in the surrounding region, helping us to accomplish the universitys mission in education and research: To take responsibility for the future and find solutions for tomorrow.

We are committed to the Code of Conduct for standards addressing international students and to the "Charter for Diversity".   


    Vice-President for International Affairs

    Prof. Dr. iur. André M. Latour

    FB 7

    Vizepräsident für Nachhaltigkeit u. Internationales

    Raum: A1.1.205 Tel.: 02361/915-603

    Head of International Relations and Institutional Co-ordinator European Programmes

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