International Mission

The International Mission of the University is described in this mission document which has been approved by the President´s Board in 2009.

The Westphalian University of Applied Sciences sees itself as a regional university in a globalized world.

The following words represent a fundamental cornerstone of the University’s self-concept:

We open up the world for the region by bringing it to the region“."

A qualitatively-oriented internationalization strategy is an essential component for the University'’s development. Education, training and research are all oriented towards internationalization thereby underlining its importance through this process, internationalization becomes a form of representative cross-sectioning.

The University’'s vision for the field of international affairs is illustrated by the following characteristics:

The Westphalian University of Applied Sciences graduates are qualified to be successfully employed in companies and organizations with international and national orientation, in global markets and in professions and fields of employment which carry a multi-cultural ethos.

Teaching is oriented to the actuality of international knowledge and methods. It consciously and selectively absorbs educational stimuli from other countries and other educational systems.
Modules in the English language are systematically integrated into selected courses which would otherwise be undertaken in German.
The offer also exists for students to undertake complete semesters in English.

We are committed to the Code of Conduct for international students.

Redaktionell verantwortliche Person nach § 18 Abs. 2 MStV:
Nadine Hackmann