Learning for solutions

At Westphalian University of Applied Sciences, courses with individual profiles coexist alongside a conceptual commonality whereby all courses orient towards the needs of occupational and professional practice as well as towards development of the sciences.

Courses are not just a source of facts and information; more importantly, they aim to help students develop the competences necessary for successful work-related problem-solving.

Demand for knowledge which exceeds the set boundaries of teaching plans is a common occurrence today. Therefore, students need to learn creativity techniques, project management, multidisciplinary work, foreign languages and develop intercultural understanding. These skills are not only essential but also beneficial to graduates from all disciplines.

Knowledge gained at the University is put into practice during the practical experience phases which are integrated into all courses of study and which provide students with initial experience of their chosen future professions.

Lifelong learning

Access to the constantly growing body of world knowledge is becoming simpler.

Graduates and those in employment need to ensure that on leaving university, their knowledge is continuously up-dated. Keeping abreast of today’s information society requires a constant development of new knowledge fields in personal and professional domains. The most straightforward way for students to do this is by continuing to make regular visits to the university after graduating.

Then they can acquire the newest knowledge available both in their own specialities and in closely related fields thereby fulfilling the aim of the Institute of Further Learning at Gelsenkirchen University of Applied Sciences.

Some courses such as Radiation Protection, Energy System, Process Management or Staff Management, can lead to recognized certification thereby giving chosen careers a boost. Additional offers of occupational further education are available in co-operation with other public and private institutes of further education.

Achieving the new

Those who wish to take a successful lead and help shape the future must be able to recognize and realize opportunities and stay open to all that is new.

Westphalian University of Applied Sciences aims to encourage a positive outlook towards innovation not just among its students but throughout the region.
Hence its emphasis on students possessing autonomous management, creativity and initiative skills as well as effective team-working and social competences.

The range of further education opportunities on offer and students’ contact with companies in the region are reinforcing factors.

Intensive cooperation is needed between the University and  local businesses so that good ideas generated by research do not become wasted opportunities.

To facilitate creation and innovation, the University offers students help to work autonomously by providing lectures on business start-ups theory and support in finding ideas.  The Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation acts as a university-based centre for all those who wish to set up in business on their own after graduating or even whilst still studying.

Globally, entrepreneurial appraisal and dealing in business are now referred to as “Entrepreneurship”. in 2005, Westphalian Universitys' initiative and commitment to the theme of entrepreneurship was acknowledged with a UNESCO Professorship for the theme “Setting up Companies and Intercultural Management”.

The Westphalian University of Applied Sciences is the first university in Germany to be awarded this type of UNESCO chair.

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