How safe is Germany.


In general, Germany is a safe country - especially in the international context. Crime in Germany is not a topic of the population. So there is no need to worry about your child's safety. Here, people can move freely without any special precautions: In the cities as well as in the country, by day and by night.

The police is considered beeing trustworthy and providing reliable assistance. The Germans mostly regard the police as a reliable safety guarantor as well as their "Freund und Helfer" (friend and helper).

Everyone can reach the police under the free phone number 110 from any phone in Germany.

Almost every country of the world is represented with an embassy or a consulate in Germany. If problems arise, your child will find a relevant contact person from your home country on-site with expertise to assist there.

In addition, concerning your child's personal safety as well as any possible problems, please do not hesitate to contact the international office of our university or your buddy. We are engaged to give advice but also assistance and additional support.


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