How much does it cost to study in Germany?

It is difficult to determine exactly how much money a student needs/spends during the stay in Germany. According to recent statistics, students need approx. 861€ per month.

Which documents are needed for a complete application as an exchange student?

In case of partnership between our universities:

1. Application form of Westfälische Hochschule

2. Accommodation form of Westfälische Hochschule

3. Transcript of records from home university

4. Completely signed Learning Agreement (for study programme) or Training Agreement ( for final thesis) referring to the contract between the partner universities

5. Copy of passport

6. German/English language certificate

Does the Westfälische Hochschule provide accommodation for exchange students?

We offer different accommodation options for exchange students. Take a look at our accommodation information. If you would like to reserve a room in one of our student residences, please fill out the accommodation form and send it to us with your complete application. You will get additional information with your Letter of Acceptance.

What is a Learning Agreement?

ERASMUS students are expected to complete a learning agreement to be signed by them, their home university and the host instituion. The learning agreement is an informal contract to be completed before the study period starts which indicates precisely what modules will be studied. Subsequent modifications are permitted as long as  they are agreed by all parties concerned.

Why do I need a German bank account?

If you are going to live in one of our students residences, we definitely recommend to have a German bank account. Our student tutors help you with opening the bank account. It is free of charge for students.

What type of health insurance do I need?

According to German legislation, students are required to keep sufficient health insurance. EU-students with an EU health insurance card don`t need an additional insurance. To the students coming from countries outside the European Union, we strongly advise to sign up for a travel insurance for the first days. After your arrival we will help you to join the mandatory German health insurance with no limits. It is highly important to pay the insurance fee (110€ per month) in time. Otherwise students may run into difficulties.

Where do I find information about timetables, courses and certain modules?

To see the study options in English, please click here.

The German website for the study programme you are interested in are not available in English yet. You have to look for "Stundenplan" in order to find timetables. If you are looking for module descriptions please look out for the keywords "Modulhandbuch" or "Prüfungsordnung".

Is ist possible to change courses after being acccepted?

Yes, you are allowed to change courses in your Learning Agreement within the first four weeks.

How many credits should I take per semester?

Students, who come within the framework of Erasmus, have to choose and complete 30 ECTS per semester.

Do I need a visa?

If you don`t have an EU citizenship, you will need a visa in most cases if you want to study in Germany. Some students only need a residence permit which can be applied after arrival. Please take a look at our webpage and contact the German embassy in your home country to clarify what is necessary.

How long will it take to get an answer after sending my application documents?

Upon receiving a complete application form, we will start to process your application with our colleagues from the respective faculties. The duration of the evaluation process may vary from department to department. Once the departmental evaluation process is concluded, you will be informed via e-mail.

What kind of support does the Westfälische Hochschule provide for exchange students?

We will provide support with all administrative, academic and social matters (bank account, rental agreement, student enrolment, city registration, learning agreement...). Our student tutors will help you during your stay! 

Does the Westfälische Hochschule offer German language courses?

Yes, languages courses are offered at different levels at all campuses.

Is it possible to get the key for my room at the weekend or in the late afternoon?

If you plan to arrive at the weekend or in the late afternoon, it might be difficult to get the key for your apartment/room. Please try to schedule your arrival between Monday - Fridayduring the day.

What are the deadlines that I need to observe?

Application deadlines:

  • for the summer semester: December 10th 
  • for the winter semester: June 10th 

Can I apply even if my university doesn`t have a partner agreement with Westfälische Hochschule?

Admission is not possible without a mutual exchange agreement.

When does the academic year start?

The academic year consists of two semesters. The fall semester usually runs from the mid of September - mid of February and the spring semester from the mid of march - mid of July.

Is it important to be able to speak German?

Most of the courses are taught in German. Some courses are taught in English. You have to check in advance if it is possible to take English courses. However, being able to speak and understand German certainly won`t harm. 

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