International Talents@WH for refugees

If you already have a good knowledge of the German language (German language proficiency certified with a B1 level) you can apply for the program "International Talents@WH for refugees".

This program includes: 

  • a German language course
  • preparatory courses for your future studies in Germany (related to a specific and interdisciplinary field)
  • coaching and intercultural workshops "Fit for Germany" and "Fit for University life“

You will get the ideal opportunity to prepare yourself for your life and your studies in Germany, learn key soft skills and get in contact with other new students.

Summarized, this program will help you a lot to successfully start at Westfälische Hochschule or at any other German university afterwards.

Visit our German website to gather more information! 


"International Talents" for the winter semester 2022 is still in the planning stage, but you can already find the application form here. For an individual consultation, please contact Ms. Röder.