Scholarship for Exchange Students

Subject to annual allocation of funds every Semester, we're offering our exchange students the option to receive additional funding within the framework of a STIBET contact scholarship.

Qualified exchange students will be informed as soon as they are enrolled with our campus system.

A vital part in receiving this financial support lies in providing us with information about your already existing funding situation. There is only a limited number of scholarships and different factors play into the evaluation:

  • 50% economic situation (country of origin; financing of studies)
  • 25% personal situation and academic performance
  • 25% explanation of added value of local studies

The decision and payout of the scholarship will take place at some point during the semester. 

Please note: You cannot proactively apply for these scholarships - they are exclusive to exchange students and limited in their nature. The amount of scholarships differs from year to year and by applying the aforementioned criteria, we make sure that the students who are most dependent on the financial support receive it. 

You can download the application form below. Additionally, we need a short letter of motivation and your current transcript of records from your home university.