ECTS & Learning Agreement

The ECTS Learning Agreement has been developed for mobile students, spending a limited period of time at a university in another country as it is the case when studying in the Erasmus programme. Students, who want to write their final thesis with us, need a Training Agreement.

What does ECTS stand for? 

ECTS stands for "European Credit Transfer System". It is a system for converting course credits in order to offer a greater transparency for the recognition of students’ achievements gained at a European university within the framework of an exchange programme.

What does the Learning Agreement contain? 

The Learning Agreement contains the list of units which the student plans to take. For each unit the title, the code number and the ECTS credits are indicated. Please note that your subject and course choice has to be approved by the sending institution. Without the signature of the contact person and an official stamp of the sending institution the Learning Agreement will not be processed. It has to be signed by all participating parties:

  1. the student
  2. the sending university (home-university)
  3. the receiving institution (host-university)

You might need to chance your preselected courses once you have arrived at Westfälische Hochschule. In this case, the Learning Agreement must be amended as soon as possible and signed again by the three parties. Only in this way the complete recognition of study results be guaranteed. Please contact your coordinator for this specific process at your home-university.

At the end of the stay the students receive a Transcript of Records from their host-university in which all passed exams, in addition to the agreed lectures in the Learning Agreement, are noted.

The Learning Agreement guarantees the transfer of credit for courses passed successfully by the student.
The International Office of the home-university carries out the recognition on the student’s return. The student does not need to negotiate recognition with individual professors. The Learning Agreement, together with the Transcript of Records, is designed to guarantee complete recognition.

Erasmus Programme: ECTS requirements

Please note that for the recognition as an ERASMUS student you must obtain

  • a minimum of 30 ECTS points per semester
  • and a minimum of 60 ECTS points per study year

ECTS-Guide (German)


German Grading System

1,0 - 1,3 1,7 - 2,3 2,7 - 3,3 3,7 - 4,0 4,3 - 5,0
very good good satisfactory adequate fail