Events & Activities for Exchange Students

Orientation Week for Exchange Students

The orientation week for exchange students organized by the International Office usually starts with a Welcome Day. It includes an introductionary information session, a campus tour at our Campus Gelsenkirchen as well as a city tour/scavenger hunt to explore the city of Gelsenkirchen. 
During the next days, day trips to different German cities are offered which are organized and accompanied by our student tutors (we visited the beautiful cities of Münster and Cologne in the last semesters). Other typical events during orientation week are our Bowling Night and International Picnic. 


  • Welcome Day spring semester 2022 - With our new exchange students from Romania, France, Brazil, Turkey, Mexico, Argentina, India and Indonesia

  • Welcome Day spring semester 2022 – The first day of our orientation week is all about showing our exchange students our campus with it‘s facilities and getting to know each other.

  • Welcome Day fall semester 2021/22 - With our new exchange students from Portugal, Romania, Turkey, Jordan, Brazil and India

  • Bowling Night spring semester 2022 – Although bowling might not be everyones greatest skill, it is always a lot of fun for everyone. 2022 the highest score went to Erkin, from Turkey.

  • Bowling Night fall semester 2021/22

  • International Picnic fall semester 2021/22 where our exchange students presented some of their traditions and brought some snacks originated in their home country.


  • Day trip to Cologne spring semester 2022 - Our Campus is surrounded by impressive big cities. Always a must see: visiting cologne & having a cold drink qat the rhine.

  • Day trip to Cologne spring semester 2022 – Cologne from above: The view from the triangle tower is something we certainly do not wish to withold from our exchange students from all over the world.

  • Day trip to Cologne fall semester 2021/22


  • Day trip to Münster fall semester 2021/22 – Münsters old city center, the rural surroundings & the tremendous use of bicycle is something we always show our exchange students.

  • Day trip to Münster fall semester 2021/22



Semester Program for Exchange Students

During the semester various events & acitivies are offered to exchange students by the International Office. The goal is to facilitate their integration into German daily life and culture and to build intercultural friendships. 

Every semester the student tutors organize day trips, intercultural events as well as different sport activities. Exchange students from all campuses are always welcome to join these events and activities. 

Do you have any questions/suggestions regarding our events and activities? Feel free to contact the student tutors Leonie and Nicole directly via email


  • Farewell-Party spring semester 2022 - We had a great time together and at the end of the term we held a last farewell party with little games, snacks and music. As a surprise we had also prepared a small edited video of all the activities we had done together.

  • Farewell-Party spring semester 2022 - Reflections from our exchange students spring semester 2022

  • Movie Park spring semester 2022 - The most adventurous trip of the semester so far took us to Movie Park Germany. Roller coasters, freefall, wild water rides and delicious food were present and we had a lot to enjoy.

  • Campus Day spring semester 2022 - This year, the theme of Campus Day was "Beach". It was a very lively atmosphere with many activities from volleyball tournaments to interactive presentations of research inside the building to a cozy stay in the created beach area.

  • Meet & Snack spring semester 2022 - Our first meeting together consisted of a series of get-to-know-you games and other activities. In addition, many of our participants brought some snacks from their home country.

  • Group of exchange students visiting the museum House of History in Bonn

    Day trip to Bonn & the famous German museum "House of History" spring semester 2022 - The museum takes us on a time travel into the past of Germany. You‘ll learn everything from the not so glamorous wars to how men approched woman in the olden days.

  • Day trip to Bonn & the famous German museum "House of History" fall semester 2021/22



Regular Events & Activities for Exchange Students